Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Book Review - The Dragon Sleeps - Ellen Read

The Dragon Sleep is set in the 1920s - Australia.
Alexandra Thornton is 21 years old and loves historic objects, because of her passion, she is interested in working in her Dads antique shop - Thornton  Antiques.
Alexandra lives in Thornton Park and lives on the family estate.  A zoo is also attached to the estate with kangaroos, wallabies, etc.
A mystery murder takes place in Thornton Park and Alexandra takes it upon herself to try and solve it.
I was drawn to The Dragon Sleeps because of the beauty of the building on the book cover, which is an actual building in Victoria, Australia.
Ellen Read loves architure buildings and this was quite evident in her book as she describes the home layout.  Her love of flowers which she has a passion for are also a feature in her book, names like, blue salvias, pink petunias, etc.
The mystery murder I touched on very briefly because - Ellen Read Author - has just launched her own - You Tube - channel, that will give you a clue on the mystery.
Thank you Ellen Read, for such a wonderful book, beautifully written, with such amazing details which I felt lost in.
I very much appreciate your hard work that went into making such a little beauty.

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