Friday, 30 June 2017

Book Review - Love The Gift - Ellen Read

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Pauline enters room, sits down at her usual space at her table and resumes reciting, from her notes.

Love The Gift by @ellenreadauthor

Beth and Mark are best friends from university days. Beth asked Mark to come down to Sutton Forest for a visit, it had been over a month since his mother died. Mark now lived in Sydney. Mark worked at an art supply shop, he loved painting, but with the death of his mother he was filled with grief, so he took his easel to Beths to distract himself

Beths house is called "The Magnolias" and run as a Hotel and Spa, the mansion is set 1820's style, Georgian styled house, two storied, white building, wide veranda with 20 hectares of land.

Mark was shown to his head quarters which appeared to be a ladies room, the lady who occupied the room passed away 100 years ago and was Beths Great, great aunt. A painting hung on the wall which had those staring eyes that followed you everywhere.

The magnolia tree had a mystical quality surrounding itself in the garden..... what was it? What was drawing Mark to this tree? He found something ..... another fantasy, another world, was it real? Or was it a figment of his imagination?

Come with Mark and read along to see what's on the otherside. What happened when he stepped inside.

Thank you, @ellenreadauthor  for a very exciting, captivating novella that had me entraced into Marks world to the very end. .

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Book Review - Spirit Of The Wind - Yasmine Hamdi

Hellooooo there Insta..onies  #bookstagram peeps ..(loud hailer)  BOOK REVIEW ... come read all about it (steps off podium ... clears throat and starts her recital)

Yasmine Hamdi has just started a fundraiser for Syrian refugees and all the money goes directly to @thesyriafund whom she will be helping when she is in Jordan.

Before I start, just a little about the author, @yasminehamdiauthor ......Yasmine approached me to read her book - Spirit of the Wind, which I willingly agreed to.  Yasmine is only 15 years old and wants to inspire children to protect wildlife and take care of the planet.... so this is her story.
Kyrah is 12 and lives with her parents.
Kyrah also has a cousin, Lynn.  Lynn lives in Tunisia but decided to go on holiday with Kyrah and family for a 3 week camping stint to Long Island.
The camp attracted horse back riders as there are horseback riding trials.
One day at camp Kyrah and Lynn discovered prints on the beach, they were miffed at what these prints were as they seemed quite unusual - these "prints" kept appearing all over the camp in random places.
Kyrah and Lynn found themselves becoming young detectives trying to puzzle out just what these prints are.
Inbetween all these goings ons, Kyrah and Lynn had little mini adventures, so never a dull moment, always a full packed entertainment of all sorts.
Yes, they did find out what made those "prints" and just lets say..... a good thing came out of the situation.
I loved this book, Jasmine, and the way you told it to the young audience was remarkable.  To me, it felt like a modern version of Enid Blytons Secret Seven, or Famous Five, but with a moral to the story.
Thank you, Yasmine Hamdi, for all your hardwork in producing an adventurous down to earth book which will be appreciated by likeminded people.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Book Review - Becoming Mrs Walsh - Jessica Gordon

Drew and Shoshanna (Sho) are engaged and the story begins on planning for Shos Wedding

Sho is marrying into a family of "high society"..... oh yes, you heard right .... oh and 'style' too and a sprinkle of "beauty with a price" ... and Sho, herself, is coming to terms with how to deal with it all

Now, Sho begins to get inspired by Zoeys (future sister-in-law) expensive tastes amd ways.

But..... oh yeah, there is a but, Zoey is married to Mark.... ohhhhh, now what happened on that night on the dance floor? (Gasp, shock, horror).... the mystery remains........unless.... you read the book for yourself to see what happens

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