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Heart and Soul is shaping up to be  really good so far 💖. 
I have read alot of Maeve Binchy books and I love how each book of hers introduces a few more new characters, adding to the ones you already know. Her books aren't a series, but, you see the same characters  emerge from one book to another.  Lest we not forget.....Quentins, the famous........Quentins, a meeting place thats mentioned in most of her books, that you do get so familar with, that you feel you have been going there to eat  year in, year out. .
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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Book Review, The Dragon Sleeps, by Ellen Read

The Dragon Sleeps
Ellen Read

The Dragon Sleeps, is book 1 of The Thornton Mysteries. 4 books in the series. Ellen Read just announced recently the book title for the second in the series is,
The Inca's Curse.

The Dragon Sleeps, is set in the 1920s - Australia.

Alexandra Thornton is 21 years old and loves historic objects, because of her passion, she is interested in working in her Dads antique shop - Thornton Antiques.

Alexandra lives in Thornton Park and lives on the family estate. A zoo is also attached to the estate with kangaroos, wallabies, etc.

A mystery murder takes place in Thornton Park and Alexandra takes it upon herself to try and solve it.

I was drawn to The Dragon Sleeps because of the beauty of the building on the book cover, which is an actual building in Victoria, Australia.

Ellen Read loves architure buildings and this was quite evident in her book as she describes the home layout. Her love of flowers which she has a passion for are also a feature in her book, names like, blue salvias, pink petunias, etc.

I recommend The Dragon Sleeps, to anyone who likes historical fiction, who likes old fashion romance, who likes mystery murders and although some book reviews suggest Ellen Read writes similar to Agatha Christie, in my humble opinion, Ellen Read is far superior than Agatha Christie and stands alone.

Can be purchased through, 

Friday, 26 October 2018

Book Review on Untouched by Renee Regent

Book Review on.....
Untouched (Book 2/3) by Renee Regent

This book is about, Zac Daley and girl friend, Amanda Bresky (plus her family).

Amanda gave a vintage camera for Zacs birthday. A mysterious girl haunts the camera, once drowned in a lake. She reaches out to Zac and Amanda for help. Both try to help the drowned girl, but it's all not as smooth as it sounds, Amanda gets into trouble with her mother and her mother thinks she's up to no good, but then again, is the onus on her mother?.... as she might not be up to any good herself. Zac also finds that delving into someone's problems can cause a stir .... but how????

Again, I wasn't disappointed with Renee Regents writing. This is book 2, out of a series of 3, given to me in appreciation for reading book 1. Renee has a style that I like, because, although a romance writer, it's clean, tactfully put and has a sensual flavour. I loved the plot, Renee makes the story flow, like sitting in the sun and relaxing with a refreshing drink. Relaxed style, but refreshing.

I would recommend this book, to anyone who likes a soft romantic story, with a supernatural element to it, who likes stories about mismatched people and who likes books that are light and breezy and not too heavy

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

On my TBR pile, Castle of Dreams, Elise McCune

On my TBR pile
Castle of Dreams
Elise McCune

Synopsis below

A ruined castle deep in the rainforest holds a secret that unites three generations of women: two sisters who find themselves in love with the same man as the Second World War rages and, decades later, a young woman determined to uncover the secrets in her grandmother's hidden past.

Growing up together in a mysterious castle in northern Queensland, Rose and Vivien Blake are both sisters and close friends. But during the Second World War their relationship becomes strained when they each fall in love with the same dashing but enigmatic American soldier.

Rose’s daughter, Linda, has long sensed a secret in her mother’s past, but Rose has always resisted Linda’s questions, preferring to focus on the present.

Years later Rose’s granddaughter, Stella, also becomes fascinated by the shroud of secrecy surrounding her grandmother’s life. Intent on unravelling the truth, she visits the now-ruined castle Rose and Vivien grew up in to see if it she can find out more.

Captivating and compelling, Castle of Dreams is about love, secrets, lies – and the perils of delving into the past

Monday, 22 October 2018

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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Book Review - What Flies Away by Ann Campanella

What Flies Away
Ann Campanella 

Poetry book

Just a little bit about Ann Campanella, formerly a magazine and newspaper editor she lives with her husband, daughter and animals on a small horse farm in Huntersville, North Carolina. Ann has received Awards for her poetry, Poet Laureate Award being one of them.

This poetry book goes hand and hand with, Motherhood: Lost and Found, an award winning memoir that tells about Ann's tribulations during the time when Ann's mother developed Alzheimer's, having multiple miscarriages and the loss of her father.

I enjoyed this poetry book that was gifted to me by the Author and it's been a prevledge to read and remind myself of what she had gone through.

The poetry book would be a book for women to women, as I feel there are issues that only the female can understand, although the book is not in a rhythmic style, the style Ann has created is unique to herself.

I recommend this poetry book to anyone interested in poetry from a women's point of view, likes non rhythmic poetry, likes down to earth poetry and those that have gone through loss and grief

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

On my to be read pile - Sapphire Skies by Belinda Alexandra

Sapphire Skies
Belinda Alexandra
Synopsis below
A love bigger than a war. A beautiful woman lost. A mystery unsolved … until now.
2000: The wreckage of a downed WWII fighter plane is discovered in the forests near Russia’s Ukrainian border. The aircraft belonged to Natalya Azarova, ace pilot and pin-up girl for Soviet propaganda, but the question of her fate remains unanswered. Was she a German spy who faked her own death, as the Kremlin claims? Her lover, Valentin Orlov, now a highly-decorated general, refuses to believe it.

Lily, a young Australian woman, has moved to Moscow to escape from tragedy. She becomes fascinated by the story of Natalya, and when she meets an elderly woman who claims to know the truth behind the rumours, Lily is drawn deeper into the mystery.

From the pomp and purges of Stalin’s Russia through the horrors of war and beyond - secrets and lies, enduring love and terrible betrayal, sacrifice and redemption all combine in this sweeping saga from Belinda Alexandra

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Blog Post, Where will they end up?

 I have been given a surplus amount of book marks of Ellen Reads - The Dragon Sleeps and Elizabeth Fosters - Esme's Wish. 

 Both, Australian Authors and I have read both of their books that are in the photo here.

So my walk today ended up at the library, and here I am, walking on what was quite an overcast day. 

There will be many places that these bookmarks are going  to ..... where next?

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Daughters Of The Oak, by Becky Wright

Daughters Of The Oak
Becky Wright

I bought the ebook of, Daughters Of The Oak, from
Have you ever seen the film, The Exorcist? .... Well this book has a similar element of it.  It's scary, creepy, possessive and down right horrifying.
Manningtree - March - 1645, is where it all starts, with Matthew Hopkins, witchfinder, General....THIS a TRUE historical event that Becky Wright casts her own circle and weaves her own spell that has the reader bound to her book, a spell, that binds thy eyes in a hypnotic state. Twist and bind, so mote it be!!!
The book goes to past to present ➡️ 2016.  Heather and Alex.  Heather, a spiritual medium, Alex, an observer and note taker, hold a seance at someone's house to rid a spirit that has been trapped.
What ties these two worlds together?
Becky Wright, has a flavour for words, dark .....yes, but I see her writing as a beautiful rose with thorns .... be careful on your way, as the thorns will CATCH you .... and HAUNT .... you .... PRICK you as you read.
I recommend this book, to anyone who likes horror, who likes to get spooked, who likes stories about witches, who likes to go to bed with the light on (yes, it's that spooky) and anyone who likes the spirit of  Halloween, as it's just perfect as a Halloween read.

Book Review - Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie

Book Review by Pauline Reid  🕵🏼‍♀️ Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie 🕵🏼‍♀️ What This Book Is About  A murder is committed on a c...