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Revised Book Review - Love The Gift by Ellen Read

Revised Book Review - Love The Gift by Ellen Read
Dated - 29 January 2019.
Grief....... it comes to us all, at some point in time and with Mark it was no different.    It was 4 years, Mark had decided to take a trip to see his best friend, Beth, a friend he has had since University days.  Beth had emailed Mark inviting him to stay in the Sutton Forest.  Due to the grief he was harbouring over his mother, he wasn't sure whether to go or not, but he knew that Beth would push him to go, so go he did.
Beth operated 'The Magnolias' which is built on 20 hectares, a Georgian House, that had been turned into a boutique hotel and spa.  'The Magnolias' was so full that Mark ended up in a woman's bedroom, but not anyones bedroom, this was Charlotte's room, who had died over 100 years ago, no one had slept in it since and this bedroom wasn't open to the public.  As he was settling in he noticed a painting of a lady on the wall.  Beth was proud to announce  that it is her great great-aunt, Charlotte. Her last days were spent in her bedroom  and in a walled garden, she explained.
What was the mystery behind the painting that was beckoning Mark?  Was he seeing and feeling things that were real?  or was it all a surreal dream? 
I don't know how many times I have re-read Love The Gift, and everytime it springs up surprises that burst into glorious revelations.  Ellen Read, to me, is the only author that has a knack of weaving a story into a whole different dimension, you feel transported to the place Ellen wants you in and places you in a comfortable array of showered goodness, words gently fall down into your soul and you feel quite at peace.  This wont be the last time I read this, and I hope the flow of writing from Ellen will continue like a babbling brook wanting to be seen.
 I do highly recommend this novella.  There is an important life lesson revealed nearer the end of the novella.  Ellen has used the characters well to reveal what grief is, and how to deal with it.  I loved Ellens approach to it  and how she addresses it if you like novellas, Australian history and Australian places in your books, a look at grief and how people react towards it, life lessons, time slip stories and  romance then,  this ones for you.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Currently Reading - Up in the Air by Steve Griffin

Currently Reading
Up in the Air by Steve Griffin
This is a poetry book.
Just a little bit about the author.... 

Copied and pasted from Goodreads 

Steve Griffin is a bestselling poet and author of the adventure mystery series The Secret of the Tirthas. His first book of poems, Up in the Air, was released in October 2018.

He was born in Eastbourne and has worked for youth and environmental groups in Wales and London. The Secret of the Tirthas was inspired by trips to India and Africa as well as a real 'garden of rooms' hidden deep in the English countryside.

He now lives in the Surrey Hills with his wife and two young boys.

πŸ“Έ .... The background photo is mine and was taken late September 2018, it would have been New Zealands Spring then, and as you can see, the new buds on the branches were just starting to show.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Book Tube Video - Maeve Binchy

Slightly different video today, this isn't a book review, but more of a showing of a book I was reading, which includes, book quotes, readings from the book itself and the synopsis.  This is an old film taken from Instastories back in the days when I didn't know that you could record/film from your phone.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Book Quote Of The Day

How beautiful the house was with its magnolia trees lining the drive, their branches outstretched as if they were beckoning him inside.  

Page 6.  

Love The Gift by  Ellen Read

πŸ“ΈThis photo was taken on my many walks around Hamilton,  New Zealand, where the climate is just right for magnolia trees to grow.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Currently Reading - Love The Gift by Ellen Read

Coincidentally I seem to always end up re reading Ellen Reads  @ellenreadauthor novella, Love The Gift, at this time of year, and true to form, here I am again, enjoying and basking and dipping and wrapping myself up in Ellen's words again. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Book Review - Hot Love Inferno by Nicky Blue

Hot Love Inferno by Nicky Blue
This is book 2 of the Prophecy Allocation Series, it can be read as a stand alone.  It is a Novella and the story is set in, Brighton, England, 1995.
This book is centred around a funny character, called, Barry, who is just plain simple, no icing on top!!   
Barry's occupation is a gardener, he likes being a Ninja and playing with his Ninja weapons, he is a Star Trek Fan and never misses an episode, he is 28, has irritable bowel syndrome, loves fish fingers.  Barry shares a flat with Molly, who is 60 and is his Mum.
Barry hasn't had a girlfriend for years, so his Mum  sets him up with her friends niece, Joanna.... and this is where the haphazard adventures of Barry's life begins .... a trip to the cinema with Joanna, was more than thrilling.....ambushes, severed hands, ripped curtains were only tip of the iceberg.... but wait, there is more, with all the chaos Joanna is abducted.  Will Barry being the gardener dig himself out of a hole?  or will the bowling green be knackered forever? or is Barry, just Larry in disguise? and what can Keith the talking dog offer?
I absolutely loved this story, from start to finish, one has to be warned here, there was a moderate amount of "swearing" in this book, plus the mention of some "sex object things" which BOTH aren't really my thing in a book, however, it was overlooked by me, due to the fact that I knew it seemed right for the story.
The story has a play on "English" words (meaning, her majesty's English) and at the end of each chapter, there are footnotes, but these aren't  typical footnotes, these are just as hilarious as the book itself.  I caught myself on numerous occasions laughing out loud with these alone.... the explanations were just, ace.
At this stage, I would like to thank, Nicky Blue, for gifting me this ebook, in exchange for an honest review.  This is going up to a 5 star for me, I highly recommend this funny quippy novella and I recommend it to, anyone who loves dark humour, especially for those of you who get the British humour, who like a funny book on murders and killings that's written in a way that's not offending and basically anyone who wants a bit of a laugh...... "Are you havin' a laff"  Yes, you, Ray Stokes, have you read this?

Friday, 11 January 2019

YouTube/BookTube Video

You Tube/Booktube video on - Running In Snow by Renee Regent.
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Monday, 7 January 2019

Currently reading, Hot Love Inferno by Nicky Blue

Currently reading  
Hot Love Inferno
written by Nicky Blue

A novella.  This book is absolutely hilarious, I'm giggling all the way through this book ... a quick update, I'm a quarter way through, this is about, Barry, who is simple as, but funny as, he gets himself into some funny situations, but as well as being funny, there are killings and murders, that are all done in great taste. 

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Book Review - Destinations by Shelia O'Flanagan

Book Review
Shelia O'Flanagan 

This is a collection of short stories centred around the Dart system (electric rail system) Dublin, Ireland. Separate stories about fictional characters that are either taking the train, on the train, or the train can be seen, or heard, from where they live.
There are just so many short stories that it would be a nightmare to pick a few out, so I will go with a little of the synopsis. (a) A young PR girl has the night of her life at a glitzy work event and finds more than just her face splashed across the newspapers the next day. (b)Two women listen in on each others phone calls and learn more about themselves than they ever expected.
I picked this book up thinking it was a novel until I started reading that it is a collection of short stories. All the better I thought, as this would be good for the Christmas/New Years period and I wanted something light and easy to put down with having so many interruptions at this time.
These stories are set at a very low pace, infact it was like riding along on a train journey, you know how slow and peaceful trains can be? Well, the ones I have been on, have. The plot twists, to me, were predictable, (infact it was so much of a smooth ride, I'm not sure if they were plot twists) and I found the book a bit on the flat side, I did enjoy this book though, as it did entertain me and did the job I wanted it to do. I liked the concept of the book, having a connection throughout the book, being the railway/train. Also the fact that this is written around the Irish train system, the chapters are set out, as, train stops (which I did find facinating).
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a light book full of short stories to read, perfect for a holiday read, or even if you are on a long flight on a plane, who likes trains, who likes a bit of Irish culture (although, not heavily demonstrated in this book).

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Goodreads Challenge 2019

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As part of my New Years Resolution, I wasn't going to plan too far ahead, therefore I had decided ages ago not to jump on the bandwagon for this one, however, a time for being spontaneous... this is what happens.  You are quite welcome to befriend me on Goodreads, just send through a friends request.

Currently Reading - The Governess - Mary Kingswood

Currently Reading The Governess Mary Kingswood . Blurb copy and pasted from Goodreads . The first of a brand new series by the auth...